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    6 Helpful Tips On How To Organize Your Small Business 0

    The COVID-19 crisis left us all struggling to find some semblance of balance in our lives and our businesses. However, statistics...

    Editorial Staff May 26, 2023
    How Small Businesses Can Serve a Large Customer Base With AI? 1

    To be a small business owner is to wear the hat of a Chief Everything Officer– you need to do...

    Editorial Staff May 19, 2023
    Latest Trends That Your Small Business Need To Look Out For! 2

    The game-changing year of 2020 made us go through a rollercoaster of uncertain events. Some of the highly affected segments,...

    Editorial Staff May 12, 2023
    Want a Thriving Small Business? Focus on Customer Feedback 3

    “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” - Jeff Bezos Many business...

    Editorial Staff May 5, 2023
    What’s the Difference Between Operational and Analytical CRM? 4

    CRM has become an omnipresent element of business today. From large conglomerates to home chefs, every business needs the power...

    Editorial Staff January 25, 2023
    9 Client Retention Strategies and Why CRM Should Be Among Them 5

    A robust client retention policy is integral to a successful organization’s business strategies. With effective customer retention, businesses can convert...

    Editorial Staff January 18, 2023
    What Is New Era Of Conversational CRM [A Simple Guide] 6

    When you contact a company, do you wish to speak to a robotic auto-response system or a human? The answer...

    Editorial Staff January 11, 2023
    Why Customer Relationship Management Metrics Are Important 7

    Purchasing a CRM solution is one thing and drilling down to the most important metrics is another. Most businesses do...

    Editorial Staff January 5, 2023
    So, You Think You Need a New CRM? 8

    Is your customer data all over the place? Is it challenging to find the record of what an old client...

    Editorial Staff December 27, 2022