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Why Small Business Owners Love Using Prospur CRM

Editorial Staff

June 1, 2022

Why People Love Prospur

One factor that leads a small business to succeed or fail is how it implements technology in its internal operations. Technology saves you from repeated manual jobs, leaking revenue, and lost leads.

If done right, technology keeps you far ahead of your competition. You may think that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is only for large organizations.

But nothing could be far from the truth, thanks to cloud-based CRM platforms like Prospur, which are specially designed and priced for small and medium businesses.

“Let’s look at Prospur – for about $1 a day, you will get a simple, easy, and all-in-one platform that is fully integrated with features and functions that will enable you to completely reimagine your business and make you stay ahead in the game.”

With its powerful features aligned for small and medium businesses, Prospur CRM makes your sales, marketing, invoicing, and contact management efficient.

It is among the top CRM for small businesses, saving operational costs and opening up avenues for more business. Let’s look at each in detail.

Features of Prospur That Small Business Owners Loves:

#1. Sales & Marketing Management

Targeting the wrong customers and not having enough sales data may lead to thinner margins and missed opportunities. It can push you behind while your competitor devours the right customer base.

Prospur helps you gain valuable insights into short-term and long-term sales trends and buying patterns which you can use to design effective sales and marketing strategies.

For example, from a five-year data analysis, a company that sells camping gear noticed that there is always a rise in the demand for hiking boots in a certain month.

The company can align its marketing and sales strategies according to the client base and the location where the most sales happen. They can increase the inventory at the right time and cross-sell related products such as hiking poles, sleeping bags, and water bottles.

#2. Orders & Invoicing

Prospur CRM software can ease up the work for your accounting team. Record daily invoices and orders in this single system, and never worry about losing track of revenue, shipping costs, taxes, client returns, discounts, and more.

Send invoices on time and get a friendly reporting system for the management to analyze the sales and profits. Post consolidated results at the end of the year and project future business growth. This data could be helpful if you are planning expansion via VC or angel investor funding.

#3. Contact Management

There is a cost associated with the acquisition of each lead. You don’t want to let them fall through the cracks. With CRM software like Prospur, you never lose a lead or forget to follow up on time. You can gain insights into your existing customers’ data such as age, profession, product choices, location, and use this data to train your teams.

For example, you can grade the leads as cold, warm, and hot to know which ones to follow up on first. Then, keep a trail of the dates, times, and conversations between the client and your support team. This helps your team have all the information in one place and stay on top of the game when the client calls again.

#4. Calendars & Bookings

Most small and medium businesses would require phone calls and email exchanges before the client can book a meeting with the support staff. This can put off the clients and push them towards your competitor.

Help your customers directly view the availability of the support agents and book meetings without manual intervention and costly delays. This will not only boost your customer acquisition rate but also contribute to a seamless customer experience.

#5. Social Media Integrations

With increasing clutter on social media, only those campaigns make the cut that is well-targeted, have a bigger purpose than pure selling, and resonate with the general mindset of the viewers. But how do you gain such insights?

Prospur CRM helps you create meaningful social media campaigns that strike the right chord at the right time. You can run the campaigns on all the platforms from a single dashboard and observe their performance in one place to re-align the social media marketing funds in the best possible way.

#6. Reputation Management

Good business is all about long-term reputation. From lead acquisition to final sales, you want a seamless customer experience. Happy customers are your brand ambassadors and free marketing channels.

This CRM system helps you provide a seamless experience, be it sales or product support.

Final Words: comes with an easy monthly subscription-based model. Your team can access it from any location, from a laptop, PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

Get all of this at a cost designed for small and medium businesses with a limited budget. Request a FREE, no obligations Prospur Demo right now!