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How Prospur CRM Will Help You Automate Your Small Business

Editorial Staff

June 15, 2022

Automate with Prospur CRM

As a small business owner, if you wondered that CRM was only for the corporates, it’s time you asked, can CRM automate my small business?

And the answer would be a big yes! After wearing numerous hats and managing routine tasks single-handedly, it’s time to let the CRM genie out and know how to automate your small business.

SMBs are the backbone of the economy. According to a Small Business Administration (SBA) report, there are over 32.5 million small businesses in the US. They create jobs for 46.8% of the private workforce.

As a veritable business force, small organizations today know the market’s pulse and serve their customers with greater personalization. To benefit from this advantage, you need to focus more on developing your business by streamlining routine tasks.

Here’s where CRM steps in and helps you get a 360-degree view of your enterprise’s growth, clientele, and sales and marketing efforts. According to a report by Grand View Research, 91% of organizations with more than 10 employees in their workforce use CRM systems.

Several factors boost this growth, such as better lead management, client management, data analytics, and sales and marketing monitoring. However, the game-changer is automation.

CRM software can make small business automation a simple and effective tool for growing your business.

How does Prospur CRM help small businesses?

Prospur is the world’s first integrated CRM for small businesses. It is one platform for all your business needs. Let’s look at the features of Prospur and how to automate your business using this power-packed, intuitive and innovative service.

#1. Enhance Customer Relationships:

Enhance your customer relationship using Prospur’s reliable client management services. Built on Microsoft PowerApps, Prospur offers you a quick, safe, and organized way to manage customer information seamlessly – from tracking leads to converting them into satisfied clients. It enhances customer satisfaction by enabling better communication and keeping you connected.

#2. Proactive Sales Management:

Proactive sales management thrives on automation and saves you time. Dynamic management tools integrated with participatory services like Microsoft Teams make automation of sales processes easy.

As a result, you can track your sales team’s efforts and respond faster to customer queries when you know who is doing what. Moreover, data analytics can shed light on what your short-term and long-term sales forecasts look like.

#3.Targeted Marketing Management

Prospur’s lead generation marketing tools simplify targeted marketing management. Marketing automation for small businesses can deliver personalized customer service with the help of targeted campaigns and customized communication.

Retention marketing tools can monitor customer behavior to enable cross-selling, reselling, or meeting service requests. These come in handy, especially when you have limited staff resources. 

#4. Rich Social Media Tools:

If 2020 taught us anything about business, it’s that digital transformation is not just a trend; it is the way forward. The rich social media tools by Prospur integrate to provide opportunities for SMBs to create their digital presence across popular social media platforms.

Use detailed social media analytics to run impactful campaigns to improve your online presence

#5. Progressive Integration:

Prospur allows a seamless experience while using productivity services like Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. At the same time, it integrates with services like PayPal, Stripe, and Square to ease payments.

In Conclusion

As a small business owner, don’t get lost or back-tracked trying to do everything on your own. There are many reasons why Prospur is the best CRM to automate your small business.

To see how it works, call us now for a Free Demo and Prospur with us.