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Why You Need a Social Media CRM Platform

Editorial Staff

June 22, 2022

What do 4.48 billion people globally have in common? They are all on social media! 

Social media is a gold mine of data about what makes John tick, what ideas appeal to Anne, and what puts people off. For any business, big or small, tapping into this data is like knowing the pulse of thousands of potential customers. The best way to do this is by using the right tools known as social media CRM.

What is a Social Media CRM platform? 

A social media customer relationship management platform integrates social media with your CRM software allowing you to use social data to better understand and engage consumers, acquire market insights, and deliver better service. 

It’s like having an exhaustive address book of all your existing and potential customers, giving you ready information about every interaction you have ever had.

This creates an in-depth profile of their likes and dislikes, complaints, and expectations about your brand— a treasure trove of information to engage clients, drive sales, and improve customer relationships.

Why merge Social Media and CRM data?

Imagine having a time machine that lets you go into the future and know who will be your next customer. When you merge social media and CRM data, you are staring at nothing short of such a time machine.

All you need to do is listen to the chatter and never miss a chance to reach out to anyone who has a question or an issue. Moreover, by building relevant conversations on your social profile, you widen your network to grow your business and meet expectations. 

For small businesses, CRM social media integration allows you to run impactful social media campaigns, improve your online presence and enhance your company’s brand. Social CRM can automate quick and efficient content generation, time marketing activities, personalize emails and reduce response turnaround time.

Key Benefits of Social CRM:

The merging of CRM and social media is like getting free extra cheese on an order of small fries. You can reach out to your customers and leads more personally, in addition to automating lead management, sales processes, data analytics, and customer relationships that traditional CRMs offer. 

Using an integrated CRM designed for small businesses lets you get to work right away by putting the world of business into your hands literally! Here’s how social CRM can benefit small businesses.

#1. An easy-to-use social media CRM platform delivers customer support on online platforms that customers are most familiar with. Customers today expect brands to have a social presence and respond to their queries in an hour. A social media CRM platform lets you do that efficiently.

#2. Your social profile lets you engage and interact with customers in real time. Social listening with the help of tools and keywords enables you to cue in on every engagement that mentions your brand. 

#3. Social media is known to build or bust reputations with reviews and complaints. Resolving issues quickly by monitoring and tracking complaints on social media is the first step to creating great customer relationships. 

#4. Just as you resolve complaints, your business shouldn’t miss a chance of finding and rewarding customers and brand advocates who help others. This can further feed into your sales efforts besides spreading the good word about your SMB. 

#5. Globally, people on the internet spend at least 2.24 hours every day using social media. A social media CRM platform helps you get greater exposure in places where your target audience spends most of their time generating a lot of valuable data.

#6. A social CRM helps navigate this information through a broad analytical overview of all the trending issues on all social channels. You can then focus on your target demographics or content categories that may be particularly important to your potential consumers.

#7. To increase engagement and deepen relationships with customers, you need to have a 360-degree view of everyone you link with across all of your social media accounts, including their age, location, demographics, interaction history, and connections to their other profiles.

#8. Moreover, you can personalize the brand experience and enhance your client base when you know your existing and potential customers better. 

Final Thoughts:

It is impossible to hide under the stone of a brick-and-mortar setup today. If you want to grow your small business, provide the best service, and improve ROI, you need to leverage the advantage that social media has to offer.

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