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10 Amazing Tips for Small Business Owners [For 2022]

Editorial Staff

June 30, 2022

10 Amazing Small Business Tips

Don’t be fooled by the word small. Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, generating 46.8% employment in the private workforce through 32.5 million small businesses in the US alone!

At the same time, it’s sad that 70% of start-ups fail in ten years. So, what is it that makes small businesses thrive and succeed? Let’s understand what small business owners need help with to make them stand out from the crowd. 

Small business owners are mostly talented folks who come up with brilliant business ideas. Executing those ideas is a risky proposition involving planning, learning, and adapting to changes.

Moreover, to stay in the competition, you’ll need to grab customer attention, retain their interest, and connect personally to maintain your relationship.

Here are 10 tips for small business owners that can keep you in the game and ready to roll!

The Power of 10 Small Business Tips:

#1. Pay attention to your digital presence

The global digital population was 4.66 billion in January 2021. To get a better perspective, that’s 59.5% of the world’s population actively using the internet. Your online presence is the modern shop front where most potential customers will form the first impression about your business. Hence, you must have a website. Pay close attention to how it looks, how fast the site loads, and whether it is simple to navigate, informative, professional, and engaging.

#2. Get a smart CRM like Prospur

Customer-centricity is the only way forward in these times. To make sure you focus on the right tasks, invest in an intelligent CRM system like Prospur. As the world’s first integrated CRM for small businesses, Prospur is an intuitive and innovative platform that digitally transforms how you manage, execute and grow your business. It seamlessly integrates various productivity apps and social channels to automate repetitive tasks while giving you a comprehensive view of your business. 

#3. Time is money; so, automate!

Your time is meant for focusing on your customers, making an impact with your product or service, and growing as an enterprise. Look to technology to carve out time by automating repetitive tasks. McKinsey’s report finds that automation can improve efficiency by 10 to 15% and boost revenue by up to 10%. Invest in a CRM with features that can automate several processes, from contact management to marketing and sales.

#4. Give your business a personality; make it unique

Your brand is the way the world perceives your business. How would you envision your business if it were a person? You can create a unique personality for your brand that customers want to connect to as they do with a person. Choose a brand voice and keep it consistent throughout your communications with everyone. Make your brand’s colors, words, content, and vibe an extension of your small business.

#5. Connect personally with clients

Customers today want businesses to connect with them as individuals with more personalized attention to detail. From personalized emails to dynamic websites that personalize a webpage for a returning customer, these actions make a notable difference to a positive customer experience. 

#6. Exceed expectations

Small businesses can feel the pulse of the market and understand customer expectations more closely. You can leverage this advantage by exceeding customer expectations! How about gifting a cute fridge magnet with that pet food order for a client? Or sending a small cookie to hamper on a customer’s birthday? Small gestures show that you care for your customers and create a positive brand experience. 

#7. Speak your mind

A survey shows that 86% of customers want CEOs to take a stand and voice their opinion about societal challenges. Not only does it build trust for the business, but it also helps your brand stick in the minds of present and future clients. However, remember to only support the causes that you genuinely believe in. Faking it can jeopardize your reputation. 

#8. Listen to your customers

Customer feedback is crucial for the growth of your small business. Both negative and positive feedback can help tweak your ideas, improve products or make changes in your service plans. At the same time, encourage your customers to communicate with you. Invite feedback in the form of product reviews, social media engagement, and customer support data. 

#9. Monitor your reputation

A survey revealed that 94% of consumers feel that positive reviews make them more likely to use a business. Moreover, 79% of consumers trusted online reviews as much as personal recommendations. People create opinions about your business based on your responses. Hence, make sure you monitor reviews, product mentions, and client grievances and quickly respond with appropriate actions. It is the simplest way to show that you care for your customers.

#10. Invest in paid advertising

You could allocate funds for advertising your small business and look for cost-effective Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements. Experiment with different channels and platforms to understand where paid advertising is most effective before going full-steam ahead with large-scale advertising campaigns. 

Final Thoughts:

Your small business is your baby that can grow into a successful venture if you get the basics right. Charm your customers, and nurture your relationships to build trust.

Use innovative solutions like Prospur to streamline processes and leverage the technology to thrive. To know how Prospur can make a difference to your small business, contact us now for a Free Demo.