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How CRM’s Social Media Integration Works Wonders for Your Business

Editorial Staff

April 20, 2022

How Prospur CRM's social media integration will work for your business

As a business, you want to tap into this vast pool of possible customers.

Your customers’ social media activity is no longer a blind spot for your marketing and sales teams. With a social media CRM system, you can now manage any inquiry sent via Twitter or Facebook just as you would for a phone or an email.

In addition, your social media channels connect directly with your CRM system giving you more control over your customers’ visits and behavior.

Statistics prove the importance of social media for your Small Business:

  • There are about 4.48 billion social media users worldwide, equating to 48% of the global population.
  • An average of 2.5 hours is spent daily by each individual on the internet.
  • The average number of social media accounts is 8.8 per person.
  • There was a 7.3% increase in the number of internet users worldwide in January 2021.

With social media integration, you can act faster, anticipate your customers’ needs, and respond better. It also helps you make better decisions for charting out a roadmap for your product, marketing, and sales strategies.

How Does Social Media Integration Work?

Connecting social media with your CRM system adds another dimension to how you think of and handle customers. Your marketing team spends a considerable amount of time and money in planning and executing a social media strategy.

People who engage with your posts or tweets share, comment, and retweet you. They are sharing, complaining, or recommending you. But they may not be getting the answers they want, and you may not be able to track the engagement (if any) through a central system.

A social media-rich CRM system works in the following ways:

  1. It gives you a larger view of your company’s reach through all the social media channels.
  2. You get a granular view of each customer’s engagement and interaction with your support team.
  3. You can keep track of a customer’s questions even if they change the social media channel they used to connect with you.
  4. Customers get the freedom to choose whichever social media channel they want to connect with you. You no longer have to force them to choose one.
  5. You can track and manage all inquiries using familiar tools, dashboards, and metrics on the CRM platform.
  6. It helps lower the cost of serving and delighting each customer significantly.

Adding these dimensions to your marketing and sales efforts can be a game-changer for a small or medium business. It puts you ahead of the competition early on.

When others are grappling with managing all the moving parts of their business, you will be offering your clients a unique customer experience with every interaction – at a lower cost per client.

Let’s take the example of Prospur, a cloud-based CRM tool specially designed for SMBs. With this CRM system, you can enable your customer care, marketing, and sales teams with better tools. It helps you in the following ways:

  1. Directly engage with your clients in real-time from the CRM system through the social media channel they are using.
  2. Talk to your teammates over the CRM software so that you can serve the clients better.
  3. Effectively monitor all the social media channels from one place for better and quicker grievance resolution.
  4. Run a rewards program for customers and influencers who spread the word about your brand and encourage more people to do so.
  5. With detailed social media analytics, you can run effective campaigns, improve your online presence, and enhance the trust in your brand.

Benefits of Using CRM with Social Media Integrations

  1. Lower the lifecycle cost of serving and delighting each customer.
  2. Get exposure to the social media platforms where your clients spend more time.
  3. Increase the traffic on your website through social media channels.
  4. Monitor the traffic and conversions through social media.
  5. Segment fans and followers into active and inactive categories and target them accordingly.
  6. With better customer service, you get high-quality leads that convert into sales.
  7. Make campaigns faster, remain agile with real-time changes, and target the clients better.

Final Words:

Customers are more likely to recommend your business if they have had a good experience with your business’s customer service on social media.

A CRM system with rich social media integration gives you an edge in managing your internal operations and offering a delightful customer experience.

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