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How To Attract More Customers Online To Your Small Business

Editorial Staff

February 17, 2022

How to Attract More Customers Online to Your Small Business

You’ve set up a business model and developed your product. Now how exactly do you attract more customers to your small business?

Recent years have seen a change in how businesses increase their customer base. Word-of-mouth marketing is taking on a whole new definition with the boom in social media trends. 

At the same time, a recent survey revealed that 74% of consumers are likely to buy based on experiences alone, beating product and pricing in winning customers.

As a small business owner, the key is to create a comprehensive e-marketing plan that will put you on the map and have customers coming back.

 Here are some helpful and creative ways to attract customers.

How to Attract More Customers to your Small Business:

#1. Define Your Target Audience

A good place to start is by defining who you’re reaching out to. Analyze your product or service and decide which demographic will want it. This includes age group, gender, income level, occupation, and marital status. Once you’ve identified demographics, look at psychographics – attitudes, values, lifestyle, and behavior. 

Remember that narrowing in on a target audience will help drive solid leads when your marketing plan is up and running.

#2. Invest in Your Business’ Online Presence

Make the most of the e-market to make your presence known. Insightful emails and email marketing tools are perfect for getting your business noted in the place your audience checks in regularly – the inbox. 

Direct mail marketing through catalogs, flyers, and newsletters can help build your brand identity and offer a direct line of communication with potential customers. 

Build a presence on social media platforms that your audience frequents. Facebook is probably the best bet, but each platform has a unique advantage. For instance, Instagram is great for businesses that thrive on visual appeal.

Built-in analytics on social media platforms and CRM dashboards can help you evaluate every move and get insights to tweak your messaging and attract new customers.

#3. Understand Your Customer & Personalize Services

Your customers’ perception of how you treat them will determine their behavior and drive their loyalty. This is where relationship-based marketing comes in. 

People value a more personalized approach to product delivery, and research shows that about 50% of consumers in the US are willing to provide more personal information about themselves to make that happen.

#4. Focus on Networking

Online networking is very effective in getting new customers. Platforms like Facebook are a big networking base and networking websites like LinkedIn offer an easy, low-cost, and intentional pathway to build connections with other businesses and prospects.

#5. Organize Online & Local Events

People love to be a part of something. Online events are immensely engaging for customers, whether you play the host or are a sponsor. Whether it is an awareness event, a simple webinar, or a live stream, events help your company make lasting impressions.

If you’re into regular local events, advertise in targeted locations and raise awareness using social media campaigns 

#6. Manage Customer Relationships with CRM Solutions

You can make your marketing strategy a lot more efficient by getting a CRM system to manage customer communicationsBy consolidating information about both new and existing customers, a CRM saves time and effort with customer interactions.

CRM platforms also let you track customer preferences, thus helping improve customer satisfaction, enhance engagement, and retain existing customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Should a Customer Profile Include? What are Some Customer Profiling Methods?

Customer profiling creates portraits of potential customers based on facts you’ve collected and helped you make informed decisions. A good customer profile includes –

  • Name
  • Demographic details
  • Socioeconomic details
  • Goals, motives, problems, or challenges they face
  • Psychographic information
  • Behavioral attributes such as lifestyle, habits, buying behaviors, and people they socialize with.

There are three basic methods of customer profiling –

  • The psychographic approach takes a look at customers’ lifestyles and behaviors.
  • The Consumer Characteristics approach focuses on traits that influence buying decisions.
  • The Consumer Typology approach looks at the different motivations of customers.

2. How Can I Get People to Talk About My Business?

People will be more likely to talk about your business if you:

  • Ask for referrals
  • Focus on customer experience
  • Build long-term relationships
  • Network
  • Host live events
  • Be responsive on social media (especially to complaints)

Both new and existing customers are vital to your business, and it can be tricky to keep track of them all. We know that creating customer profiles, managing orders, networking, and executing your marketing plan can become a juggling act for small business owners. 

And that’s why we made Prospur – a helpful integrated customer relationship platform that’s designed to keep small businesses like yours relevant, connected, and heard.

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