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    Product Update: Prospur’s Invoice Integration 0

    Most small businesses use MS excel to keep track of their marketing and sales activities. Their invoicing and accounts run...

    Editorial Staff September 21, 2022
    How Prospur’s “Partial Invoicing” Feature Will Help Small Business Owner 1

    Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are constantly dealing with multiple challenges, one of which is efficient invoicing. By having a...

    Editorial Staff September 14, 2022
    Your Business Needs a CRM With Invoicing – Here is Why 2

    While most companies focus on the product and service, they overlook the billing experience of a customer. Issues such as...

    Editorial Staff September 7, 2022
    7 Most Successful CRM Strategies in 2022 3

    Customer relationship management, especially for small businesses, is the key to building a trusting relationship with your customers, a loyal...

    Editorial Staff August 30, 2022
    10 Reasons: Why Small Businesses Need to Invest in a CRM 4

    Did you know that 86% of consumers are willing to pay a higher price for a better customer experience? And...

    Editorial Staff August 24, 2022
    6 Strategies To Shorten the Sales Cycle With a CRM 5

    Making the sales cycle short is one of the priorities of any company. If it takes a long time to...

    Editorial Staff August 17, 2022
    8 Ways a CRM System Can Benefit Small Construction Firms 6

    The construction industry is niche and highly competitive where news, both good and bad, travels fast. This industry involves heavy...

    Editorial Staff August 10, 2022
    The Best Software Tools for your Small Business 7

    Despite having a great product and top-notch service, most small businesses struggle to expand beyond a threshold. Some of the...

    Editorial Staff August 2, 2022
    What Your Small Business Needs to Know About CRM 8

    While we tend to focus on large companies, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are the real drivers of the economy....

    Editorial Staff July 27, 2022