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    What Questions Should SMB Owners Ask Before Choosing a CRM? 0

    The benefits of a CRM system should not be limited to large organizations only. Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) should...

    Editorial Staff July 20, 2022
    How Prospur’s CRM Email Marketing Integration Will Help You In Holiday Season 1

    According to a study, businesses generate up to 30% of their sales in the last three months of the year...

    Editorial Staff July 13, 2022
    Spreadsheets vs. CRM: How CRM Tools Help Your Sales Team Excel 2

    Do you recall the time when entering data on a computer felt like you finally had it all together?  Spreadsheets...

    Editorial Staff July 7, 2022
    10 Amazing Tips for Small Business Owners [For 2022] 3

    Don’t be fooled by the word small. Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, generating 46.8% employment in the...

    Editorial Staff June 30, 2022
    Why You Need a Social Media CRM Platform 4

    What do 4.48 billion people globally have in common? They are all on social media!  Social media is a gold...

    Editorial Staff June 22, 2022
    How Prospur CRM Will Help You Automate Your Small Business 5

    As a small business owner, if you wondered that CRM was only for the corporates, it’s time you asked, can...

    Editorial Staff June 15, 2022
    5 Essential Tools Your Startup Needs Right Now! 6

    Having an idea, a plan, and starting a business is easy. However, sustaining and growing it is a challenge that...

    Editorial Staff June 8, 2022
    Why Small Business Owners Love Using Prospur CRM 7

    One factor that leads a small business to succeed or fail is how it implements technology in its internal operations....

    Editorial Staff June 1, 2022
    7 Principles of Customer Service That Spark Small Business Growth 8

    The most productive way for a growing business to support its customer base is to have a customer service desk....

    Editorial Staff May 26, 2022