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How Prospur’s CRM Email Marketing Integration Will Help You In Holiday Season

Editorial Staff

July 13, 2022

How Prospur’s CRM Email Marketing Integration Will Help You In Holiday Season

According to a study, businesses generate up to 30% of their sales in the last three months of the year – the holiday season. It is quite obvious that businesses don’t want to miss out on this window.

While it brings long and hectic working hours, you don’t want to waste time targeting the wrong customers with the wrong products or services.

A CRM system can help your small or medium business (SMB) target the right customers and send them the products and services they are most likely to buy.

An effective CRM system gathers the correct information to help you with productive and fruitful holiday email marketing.

Here is where Prospur’s CRM email integration comes beneficial. The insights that a CRM system gathers help you gain an edge over your competitors and target the customers at the right time with maximum outreach.

Some insights that a CRM system gathers for email marketing include age, gender, purchase preferences, time spent on the website, pages browsed, etc.

7 Ways To Leverage CRM Email Marketing [During The Busy Holiday Season]:

Email Marketing is a popular choice owing to its cost-effectiveness and strong return on investment. But in a sea of holiday emails, here’s what you can do to stand out:

#1. Update Your Lists

It is important to have email lists that are up-to-date and segmented as per the parameters that help you build relevant email campaigns.

Before you start sending emails during the holiday season, spend some time analyzing the lists and clearing any inactive emails if necessary.

You can even send some teasers to build up the excitement before sending the actual emails about your holiday season products and services.

#2. Run Targeted Campaigns

CRMs are highly useful in collecting insights about your clients, including their age, gender, spending capacity, and buying patterns.

This tells you which products and services sell the most with a certain client base and helps you create segments according to their area of interest.

If you run targeted campaigns, you would have higher chances of converting marketing into sales.

#3. Tap Into Templated Emails

Use the CRM system to track the visits to your website in real time. This will help you make relevant recommendations based on the visitor’s activity and send timely promo codes.

You can encourage the user to buy with a single click, thus saving precious time.

#4. Turn Visits Into Purchases

When you purchase an item online, you often see other products that complement your purchase, usually under the heading ‘you may also like or ‘similar’.

During the holiday season, when customers are excited to buy, they are more likely to purchase more products as a bundle if you give them the relevant options.

#5. Automate Follow-up Tasks

When your team is already busy catering to the customers during a festive season, you don’t want to burden them with repetitive tasks for every visitor, subscriber, or a potential buyer.

You can automate features such as welcome and cart abandonment emails. Once you have a list of buyers in this festive season, you can nurture them the next year because you already have their data stored in the CRM.

#6. Prioritize Customer Retention

Loyal customers who repeatedly purchase from your website are your biggest asset and marketing channel. CRM system will let you know which customers are loyal so that you can focus on retaining them by giving extra goodies, seeking their feedback, and perhaps enrolling them in a referral program.

#7. Set-up A Schedule

Before sending emails, make a calendar of festivals and other special days and schedule campaigns accordingly. For example, you can have email campaigns on Christmas, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

You can even have profile-based events in the calendar, such as Veteran’s Day, Green Sunday, and Hanukkah.

Final Thoughts:

With the help of customized emails, customers can view them as a valuable source of information rather than generic spam. You can send and respond to emails on all platforms such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Outlook, and across devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

With flexible and affordable subscription options and a range of Prospur CRM features, Prospur is built for small and medium businesses.

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