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How To Use Social Media For Your Brand Or Business

Editorial Staff

January 25, 2024

How to Use social media for Your Brand or Business

With over 4.26 billion social media users across all online platforms, social media is vital to marketing these days.

Adults are active on different social media platforms for approximately 95 minutes per day, which is a considerable amount of time. During this time, they come across many companies and engage with their content.

Businesses have realized the value of social media branding and are making the most of these online platforms to promote their products and services. 

Today, if your organization doesn’t have an active social media presence, it is as good as non-existent. So how can you use social media as a professional marketing and sales tool to grow your brand?

Tips for Building Your Brand on Social Media:

#1. Identify the Right Platforms for your Brand

The tremendous expansion of social media has brought about the existence of many platforms, each catering to a diverse pool of users.

From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat, there are many platforms where businesses can build their social media branding.

While having a presence on every single platform is good, it is essential to focus on one site with relevant audiences.

To determine the right platform for your brand, you should first study your target customers, their demographics, and the kind of marketing they typically respond to. 

For instance, if you are a beauty brand, you should consider focusing more on Instagram marketing. If you offer professional services, you should target LinkedIn users.  

#2. Make your Content Accessible

A crucial part of social media brand strategy is making your content accessible to your entire audience. This includes creating inclusive online content that can engage social media users using assistive technology.

A few ways of doing this involve adding alternate texts in image posts and captions to videos.  

#3. Maintain a Consistent Social Media Presence to Drive Engagement

Social media engagement is extremely ephemeral. So, in order to maintain customer engagement, it is paramount that you stay active on social media platforms.

This means posting new content regularly and making efforts to increase your reach. If you are not generating enough leads, it’s time to increase the frequency of your posts.

Users are reminded of your presence and interact more when they notice your content continuously. 

#4. Initiate Conversations

Social media brand marketing is more than just advertising your products and services; it is about educating your audience about the value that these products and services create.

Instead of showing your audience only what your business does, generate awareness about your industry by discussing interesting facts and current news that is relevant to you.

Start conversations with your target audience through informational posts and videos. Posting open-ended questions where your customers can express their views and opinions make your brand look more inviting.

You can also repost relevant content and tag users to foster consumer interaction further. Social media platforms offer great opportunities to get to know your audience better and develop strong relationships with them.

#5. Add a Unique Touch to Your Brand

The best part about social media branding is that there are no rules! Your marketing teams can get as creative as they can.

Of course, it is important to maintain professionalism, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same old (and sometimes dull) branding approaches.

Feel free to use memes, GIFs, animations, and emojis that define your brand. Adding a personal touch to your brand can make your audience feel more connected to your business. 

Social Media and Branding with Prospur:

There are many nuances of social media branding that your business should keep in mind to drive engagement and boost conversions. By consistently following these tips, you can ensure that your brand is noticed and appreciated by users.

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