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So, You Think You Need a New CRM?

Editorial Staff

January 27, 2023

So, You Think You Need A New CRM

Is your customer data all over the place? Is it challenging to find the record of what an old client specified in a customized order?

Is your sales team spending more time filing reports and less time nurturing leads? If these problems sound familiar, then your business is in need of a CRM or Customer Relationship Management system. 

World over, the demand for CRM has grown rapidly to connect to customers digitally in a seamless manner. A Fortune Business Insights report estimated the CRM market to grow from USD 63.91 billion to 145.79 billion by 2029.

Moreover, according to recent research, 91% of organizations with ten or more employees use CRM. The statistics show that the business need for CRM applications will continue to rise because of its advantages. 

The Business Need for CRM Application:

The customer is the most important asset of a business. Managing all the tasks that improve customer experience with your brand is crucial for growth.

Every organization, big or small, requires a CRM that efficiently collects, organizes, and manages all customer-related information. Here’s how an integrated CRM system works to make your business grow.

  1. Well-documented customer data 
  2. Improved communication and nurturing leads
  3. Enhanced customer experience with streamlined customer service
  4. Time and cost efficiency through automation of repetitive tasks
  5. Data analysis for actionable insights

7 Signs That Show – You Need A New CRM: 

Let’s delve deeper and identify the need for CRM for your business. An inefficient system or poor implementation of existing CRM is as good as not having one.

To know if it’s time to look for a new CRM, analyze your business processes for the following insufficiencies:

#1. Your Data Has Grown Disorganized

Are you fretting every time your sales team makes a note of customer data in different formats? Often sales and marketing teams use spreadsheets to log in valuable data but work in their own ways.

The result is disorganized data. This data is precious for building your customer base and servicing your clients effortlessly.  Invest in an integrated CRM system that centralizes all the data.

A central data hub makes it easier for all teams to access the data, helps maintain consistency in recording information, and gives a holistic view of your customer’s interaction with your brand. 

#2. You’re Unable To Track Leads & Clients

As the business grows, leads start to flow in. A steady stream of leads and clients is music to your ears, but if you are struggling to keep up with them, it is time to deploy a system that can help your track potential and convert them into clients.

A smart CRM system will plug any cracks that let the leads slip through. An effective CRM can capture client information, categorize and prioritize prospects, and help you determine whether follow-ups are necessary.

It can automate your workflow and direct your lead tracking and nurturing activities so that you can create relationships with these leads.

#3. You’re Having Trouble Analyzing & Data

A good CRM should come with analytical tools that can consolidate your data and provide insight into different business areas.

From providing a detailed view of the sales pipeline to forecasting, a smart CRM should give you a 360-degree view of all processes and customer interactions. 

Synthesizing the data to convert it into actionable insights with customizable reports can help the sales team spend more time on selling activities than figuring out the reports.

If your CRM can’t do this, consider moving to an integrated CRM system that can create various reports at a click. 

#4. Your Sales Reps Waste Time on Tedious Tasks

Sales teams are inundated with non-sales work, like creating reports, sending emails, and data entry. Such repetitive tasks can take up precious time, diverting your sales reps from interacting with clients and closing deals. 

Keep all your teams in sync by deploying a CRM system that helps monitor team activities and automates repetitive tasks. It helps teams focus on their goals. This saves time and cost!

#5. You’re Providing Subpar Customer Service

Good customer service requires knowing what your customer needs at what stage of their customer journey.

A post-sale personalized feedback mail or a trouble-shooting call for a customer requires having all information about the particular customer, including data on previous interactions.

If you are struggling with delivering such a service, you need to examine the root cause, which usually lies in poor data consolidation. 

Fix this problem using a CRM platform that brings all data together. Moreover, it should integrate with different platforms like social media for communication and payment systems for smooth transactions. 

#6. Your Sales Process is Unclear

An inconsistent process can disrupt the entire business activity. The entire sales team should be on the same page while carrying out their tasks. A streamlined process goes a long way in addressing any inefficiencies.

Moreover, reps on the field or off it must have a way to communicate and report with an easy-to-use system on the go.  Look for a CRM that offers mobile-friendly operations.

Additionally, AI-enabled CRMs can detect problems with sales processes and suggest solutions to plug any gaps.

#7. Your System Lacks Scalability

The idea of having a business is to grow it. But what’s the use if you can’t service a growing clientele? If your existing system and tools can’t handle growth, it’s time to look into a CRM system that will meet your demands.

A suitable system will expand your company without compromising efficiency.  A good CRM should be able to grow with you by performing the following:

  • Consolidating customer data
  • Integrating seamlessly with third-party systems
  • Tracking the sales pipeline and analyzing reports
  • Syncing task lists, calendars, notifications, and reminders.
  • Automating administrative and repetitive tasks 


If you’re struggling with business growth, look at how your customer relationship management operates. Often inconsistencies and inefficiencies result from choosing the wrong system for your needs.

CRM can supercharge your business, so look for one that understands your needs, like Prospur, the world’s first integrated CRM for small businesses.

To know how Prospur can be a partner in your growth, Contact us for a FREE Demo. It’s never too late to take the right steps toward success.